Alpha Patch – updates and fixes

Hey guys, it’s time again for another devlog!

This patch contains a number of changes to the way the port town and everything within it works within the context of the game. Everything in the port now needs to be interacted with to function, ie. the player must walk up to npc characters and shops to use them. This gives the player a reason to move around in the port rather than just sailing, returning to port, clicking a bunch of stuff and then sailing again. You can see this in action in this articles title gif.

Beyond the port changes there are many small quality of life fixes and/or bug fixes in this patch. You can scroll down to the bottom to read the patch notes, and as always you can download and play the game for free in it’s alpha state HERE

The Biggest thing added to this patch is the inclusion of water physics to the game, you can view some of this effect in gif below.ocean_waves

And lastly I’ll leave you with another preview of the planned final boss for the game which has no name yet. Still very much a work in progress but it’s coming along nicely I think.



Alpha 2.6 Patch Notes

-Your captain and crew members will now suffer from hunger. They will need fish to sustain them otherwise they will die. The fisherman however does not, as he secretly hoards fish for himself 😉

-Cargo will no longer appear in your inventory if you have none of it.

-The gold pile on your boat will now grow bigger than ever the more gold u have!

-The aiming reticle will no longer adjust in an unintuitive way when your mouse cursor goes below the water line.

-Removed the light on the players boat after the majority of play testers said it felt out of place.

-Lightning bolts now “punch through” the darkness of night and therefore stand out properly.

-Increased amount of fish that spawn while it is raining

-Added collision box to the seaside of the port – your captain will no longer walk off the edge of the pier.

-Added basic shops and crew npc to the port

-Added dialogue to port npcs

-Added water and wave physics to the ocean

-Removed the fisherman from the players boat while at port so that the fisherman can properly run his shop

-Removed the expand cargo button and replaced it with a new button and “growing cargo” animated icon now located at the blacksmith.


Thanks for reading and following this project, Please consider supporting it by offering a small donation when downloading the game. Until next time!

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