Alpha patch 2.3/2.4 – Dutchman update, port redesign and future thoughts

Hey all! I have been sick lately so I have been slacking on the website/social media front. I skipped the blog post for 2.3 the week I was sick and now we are up to patch 2.4, so I thought I would combine them into one post. The patch notes for each update can be found at the end of their respective sections. As always you can download and play the alpha version as I develop it Here.

Alpha 2.3

The Dutchman is now a fully fleshed out fight with 3 phases and will now damage the player, he is tough so take great care if your ship isn’t upgraded much when he shows up.

The Fight

So I thought I would take you through the fight as it stands now vs what I talked about what I wanted it to be in the last devlog. Ill go through the phases and give you my thoughts as we go.

Phase 1: testing the waters


ok just like I said last week phase 1 comprises of the Dutchman floating up and down while firing his first cannon at the player, nothing special here, the difficulty is just in aiming your cannons properly to hit him on a consistent basis.

Phase 2 – bombs away!


Again like I mentioned last week, in phase 2 the Dutchman will periodically dash towards the player and drop a “phantom bomb” on their ship, as well as firing off 2 of his cannons. The player must click this bomb repeatedly to disarm it before taking massive damage. – The bomb does not yet have an explosion animation if the player fails to disarm it in time and there is nothing that tells the player that they need to click the bomb to disarm it. These will come in a future patch, probably the next one.

Phase 3 : spray and pray


In phase 3 the Dutchman’s fragile heart is exposed and the Dutchman will fire all three of his cannons at the player. If the player is able to shoot the heart dealing critical damage. He is not faster as originally intended but I thought it unnecessary as the heart is rather difficult to hit in the first place due to the Dutchman’s movement pattern. In creating the above gif today I am noticing that the heart needs to be re positioned as is it currently out of place slightly. This will be fixed in the next patch.

So that’s the Dutchman fight in a nutshell, upon killing him you will be rewarded with a rather large sum of gold.

Alpha 2.3 patch notes

– Fixed position of Dutchman kill count on the game over screen

– Fixed bug where if you continued damaging enemy health after their hp reached 0, the hp would start counting upward from 0.
It now correctly stays at 0 whether you continue to damage them or not.

– Increased pirate spawn threshold from 1000 to 1500 gold

– Increased Dutchman spawn threshold from 6 pirate kills to 2500 gold and 6 pirate kills

– Added phase 2 and 3 of dutchman fight

– Added the dutchmans beating phantom heart – attacking it will deal critical damage to the dutchman

– Made the players health bar larger and centered on the screen below the return to port button and enemy nameplates

– Updated the dutchmans fog z positions

– Updated the return to port button to not allow you to return during any sort of combat encounters.

– Added chat message from your captain to show this

– Minor graphical update to merchant ships(slightly lighter color pallet to beter distinguish them from the player)

– Updated the targeting reticle graphic to make it more visible

– Added battle music when fighting pirates and the dutchman

– Added floating damage text

– The game will no longer continue running while on the game over screen

Alpha 2.4

Patch 2.4 sees a long awaited and much needed redesign of the port room. This is something I have had on my list for a long while now. Until now the port looked really bland and uninteresting, with a giant menu that takes up most of the screen for upgrades and such. The port has now been turned into a town that serves as a hub for all your activities as captain when not out at sea. The player can move around and explore this space at their leisure.


Here you see 3 buildings from right to left; fisherman hut, blacksmith, and the warehouse. I would like to add more buildings and npcs to the town as the game develops further. The town is about twice as large than what is shown in this screenshot.

Ideas for new building types I have are a place to purchase cosmetic items for your ship,captain, and crew(with in game gold of course). A bank would be a nice place to store gold as I am planning for different ways that the player could either lose gold or have it stolen from them while out at sea.

The day/night cycle has also been reworked from the ground up in this patch to include lighting into the game, not show here so you will have to play the game if you want to see it in action but, trust me when I say that it looks pretty awesome.

Alpha patch 2.4 notes

– Complete redesign of the port

– The player can now move around and explore the port town

– Added new sprites for port buildings, and environment

– Rebuilt the day/night system to include the use of lighting in the game

– More to be added to the port town in future updates in the form of npcs, new buildings, environment art/props

Now, let’s talk about my plans for the Future

Quests and Achievements

This is something I have had in the back of my mind since pretty much the beginning. Achievements are self explanatory but who doesn’t love them. Quests will be another source of gold and also a way to choose which moral path the player will take on his/her journey throughout the world, be it friendly merchant or ruthless vagabond pirate. My idea right now is to have quests like, *kill x amount of pirates*(merchant path) or *rob x amount of merchants*(pirate path). Based on which quests the player chooses to undertake and complete, the game and its inhabitants will change their opinion and actions towards you. All of this is very much not set in stone at the moment but I would like to start experimenting with it before I begin work on a world map with different travel locations, which brings me to my next point.

The World

The world in which this game takes place is not yet fully thought out, it does not have a name, or a map. But I want to add this in and give the player different locations to sail to, through, or into. This is going to be a large update and will not likely come until towards the end of the alpha cycle.

Small things

– I would maybe like to give the player the option to choose their gender and name when starting the game for the first time.

– An options menu with settings for sound volume, key binds, and resolution size. This is desperately needed before the game moves into beta. This is what I’m planning on working on for alpha 2.5

– The Dutchman still needs a bit of polish work done and will be sprinkled throughout the next few patches

– More enemies to face

Wrapping up

I think that’s all I wanted to share for now. But before I go ill leave you with the battle music I composed for patch 2.3. I’m pretty happy with it but I think I will probably work on it a bit more in the future, enjoy! Be sure to leave a comment telling me what you think of my plans for the future or your opinion on this new music.

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