Alpha patch 2.2 – The Dutchman flies again!

Patch 2.2 is here! and with it The flying Dutchman. The Dutchman serves as the first “boss” encounter added to the game. He will show himself once the player has defeated enough pirates for him to take notice of you. As always, you can read the patch notes for Alpha 2.2 at the end of this post, check out the game in it’s current state HERE and be sure to join the mailing list for access to future content and promotions.

But first!

Another cannon update?!

Yes that’s right, another update to the player cannons, this time i’v added the ability to aim where your cannons fire. This not only makes the game more interesting but it was  a necessary change in order to combat a flying enemy such as the Dutchman. Here is a gif of it in action, I used two cannons here to show how multiple cannons work with the aiming, It’s a bit difficult to see it in such a small gif, but all the cannons fire towards the direction of the little targeting reticle, but don’t necessarily land in the same spot due to their position on the ship. This becomes even more evident with 3 or 4 cannons on board which forces the player to continually adjust their aim slightly when each cannon fires if they want all their shots to land in a specific spot, otherwise the cannons basically fire in a spread pattern. xxxx rather than x, if that makes sense. I plan to update the image for the targeting reticle soon because i’ts a bit hard to see, especially during the day.cannon_aim


Development of the Dutchman

The design of this guy took up most of what little time I had this week for development. It was  a challenge for sure, and one that isn’t even over! The initial implementation of this short intro sequence and it’s music into the game took all day Saturday, and the fight isn’t even finished yet. You can simply encounter him, kill him, and move on with the game. It’s very stale and boring in it’s current state as he just sits there and lets you pound him. He does fire his cannons(not shown here), but I made it so the player wont take damage from them while I finish implementing the entire fight sequence.

Here is what I have planned for this encounter:

Phase 1 – 100% hp

The Dutchman will float up and down while shooting one cannon at the player.

Phase 2 – 75% hp

The Dutchman will still float as in phase 1 but now fires 2 cannons and will occasionally charge forward above the player dropping a ghostly bomb which the player has to click repeatedly to disarm or risk major damage.

Phase 3 – 25% hp

Same as phase 1 and 2 but now the Dutchman will fly faster and fire off all three cannons at the player. Also, his ship will break apart further, revealing the Phantom heart which binds him and the ship for all eternity. Any cannons that hit this heart will deal critical(double) damage.

Implementing the full fight as intended will likely take all of this week and the following weekend. I apologize that I could not find enough time to fully flesh it out for this patch, but it’s definitely coming in the next one.

Patch notes for Alpha

-Added capability to aim your cannon fire

-Added an aiming reticle to show roughly in which direction the cannons will fire

-Added flying Dutchman pirate boss encounter- The encounter is incomplete as of this patch, So the player doesn’t take damage from him in order to be able to kill him and continue playing.

-Added intro music for the Dutchman – battle music to come later

-Added flying Dutchman kill count to the game over screen

-Added new pirate chat messages that foreshadow the coming Dutchman encounter

-Added a gold reward for killing pirates, as well as the flying Dutchman

-Added nameplate for pirates and moved their heath bar from their boat to the nameplate

-Fish now sell for 50 gold each up from 25

-The fisherman is now part of the ships crew from the start, no need to hire him

-Removed button for hiring the fisherman

-The fisherman will now show when there is a fish hooked on his line

-Adjusted fishing catch rate and fish unhooking chance

-Fish can no longer unhook from the line while above the water and “fly” away

-Fixed position of merchant’s message to always occur onscreen

Since this comes an entire day after the patch was released…

I will update you on the things I have done so far for the upcoming patch. There were a number of things I noticed needed to be tweaked before I got into working on the Dutchman encounter full force. Very minor fixes really but I figured to just get them done before moving on. Ill list them below.

– Fixed position of Dutchman kill count on the game over screen

– fixed bug where if you continued damaging enemy health after their hp reached 0, the hp would start counting upward from 0. It now correctly stays at 0 whether you continue to damage them or not.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think about anything in this post.

So, that’s it for this week, I’ll see you again next time for the Alpha patch!


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