Alpha 2.1 updates and changes

Hey I know it’s been a little while since the last devlog, I had a crazy workweek at my day-job but I managed to work on the game enough to get a solid 2.1 update out. This weeks update mainly focuses on minor fixes to current systems, a few bug fixes, and some updated art assets, as well as more improvements to the pirates.

As always you can view the changes below and download and play the game for free HERE

Outside of the changes I made I spent a significant amount of time just play testing the game to get a better feel for the general balance after adding scaling to the pirate encounters. I was also deciding whether or not to make the pirates spawn sooner like I mentioned in the previous devlog.

Testing for Pirate balance

So here’s the problem with decreasing the gold threshold for when the pirates start to attack you. Without hiring crew you have no way of repairing your ship when it gets damaged. In order to be even able to hire crew you first need a captains hat or the crew will not want to sail with you, the cost of a hat plus hiring a crew is the same amount as the threshold for the pirates to want to start attacking you. Long story short, this was intentionally designed so that you would be able to hire crew to survive when the pirates start attacking. The lightning storms should “inspire” you to buy crew to repair your ship. If they dont though you do start with a cannon so you can kill one, maybe two pirates if you are lucky with favorable weather before you are forced to either buy the hat and hire a crew member or lose the game; Therefore, it doesn’t really make sense for the pirates to start attacking earlier then they do now.

Cannon update

If you remember from a few devlogs ago I added the ability for multiple cannons to be fired at once like in the gif shown herecannon_fire2

Turns out this not only did not feel right but it led to some increasingly annoying if not ear shattering overlapping of certain relatively loud noises. Especially when you found yourself with a high number of cannons on board. This gif shows what I did to fix that.cannon_fire3

So now it just feels really nice to hear the boom, boom, crash, crash, instead of a booooom, followed by an ear splitting CRAAAAASH from all the cannonballs hitting their target all at once.

Change log

-Changed multiple cannons all firing at once to firing in sequence(this not only looks better but also avoids weird ear shattering noise overlaps)

-Pirate crew will now attempt to repair the pirates ship instead of idly standing around waiting for their demise.

-Added animations for pirate crew working

-Pirates now scale in health and firing speed the more gold you have

-Pirates can now be damaged by lighting strikes

-Added pirate kill count to game over screen

-Updated game over screen graphic

-Fixed bug where if a thunderstorm happened on the title screen, the storm sounds would persist after hitting the play button

-Updated cloud sprites

-Updated fishhook to have varing depths to which it sinks when the fisherman casts a line

-Slightly updated the players tier2 boat and fixed npc positions accordingly (still not final)

That’s It for this week! next week I would like to start working on some different enemies to fight against, but ill probably still be tweaking the pirates a bit more. Stay tuned.

Before I go though i’ll leave you with this 12 second clip of a “pirate jig” that I also worked on this week. This clip is the outcome of me trying to come up with some kind of battle theme for the pirates, I’m not happy with this and I will continue working on a pirate battle theme(a longer one of course),  but i’d thought I would share it anyway. Enjoy!



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