Thar be Pirates!

The title says it all, the encounter I have been working on this past week was pirates! As you grow in wealth on the high seas, pirates will begin to take notice of you and want your wealth as your own, they will be out to put an end to you and scavenge your luscious treasure as there own. You are able to fend them off  with your ships cannons, but beware, the more gold you have the stronger they will get.


This weeks development was fun, but I did run into some problems with new code breaking old code, but nothing new there right lol, and nothing that I couldn’t solve! below is a change log for Alpha patch 1.9. You can download and play this game for free on its page Here. Please direct any feedback to



– The game has officially moved into an Alpha state of development

-Player now starts the game with 1 cannon

-Adjusted skill button positions and key-binds to account for starting with a cannon

-Pirates will now attack you if your wealth grows to a point they deem worthy of procuring

-Added new character sprites for pirates

-Merchants will no longer be willing to trade with you if you damage them

-Added a chat message to alert player to this fact

-Added pirate chat messages

-Updated “return to port” button, you can no longer return to port during a thunderstorm, while the fisherman has a line out, or during a pirate encounter

-Added various chat messages to inform player of these limitations

-Removed possibility for fisherman to catch sharks

That’s all for today, this turned out to be a fairly large patch and, tomorrow I plan on pushing a new patch with some minor bug fixes and insignificant updates, but I will keep you informed as always.

until next time!

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