Bug fixes and minor updates

Hey all, as promised today brings some bug fixes for yesterday’s pirate addition as well as some other minor updates, including a few new art assets. You can see a change log below, and as always you can view and play the game for free Here.

-Merchants can no longer be shot at point blank range

-Added aquatic plants and seaweed – more variation to be added later

-Sunken pirates now leave a shipwreck on the ocean floor

-Cannoballs will now stop when they hit the ocean floor rather than flying off screen

-Added more chat options to the pirates for more variation

-It is no longer possible for a thunderstorm to happen when at port

– fixed minor bug with the pirates not spawning if your gold count went above their threshold while at sea

– adjusted some combat related sound levels and how they interact with other sounds that are currently playing

In the coming week I plan on making the pirates more of a challenge the more gold you have. This will likely come in the form of; increased health, allowing their crew to repair the ship, and giving them more firepower. I may also allow them to spawn sooner than they do currently, not sure yet though.

Thanks for reading!

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