Fire all Cannons!

Hey there! Today’s work is mostly preparation for the next patch when the encounter I mentioned yesterday gets added in. I made some minor improvements to the way cannons work, if you have purchased more than one cannon they now all fire in unison where before only the first cannon would fire. Just a bug fix really but I am also laying the ground work for at least one other skill involving cannon fire in the future.  I worked for a while trying to get the particles just right and have still not gotten them to act in the way I want so this will need additional tweaking in the future, but it looks decent as is for right now. I may even scrap them all together, haven’t decided yet.

Other than that, I also fixed a minor bug with the game over screen that I introduced in the last patch. Below is a change log as usual and a few gifs of cannons firing.

-added particle affect for cannon fire

-added capability for multiple cannons to fire at once

-fixed game over screen bug that would show an inaccurate total gold amount.

That’s it for today!


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