Art and “small” teaser

Hey not much today guys as I am in the planning stages of adding an encounter into the game for the next update and I don’t want spoil that just yet but, I thought I would share some of the art assets I have created that already exist in the game plus a “little” extra. I arranged them all nicely into the image shown at the bottom of this post. Not all of them made it in since I was trying to keep it as aesthetically pleasing as possible while keeping the image fairly small. The “little” sea monster is a very early work in progress but it should hopefully serve as a nice teaser as to what I am planning for the upcoming updates after the one that releases at the end of this week.

The main premise of the game is that you are a lowly merchant who starts with barely anything but a basic ship and a bit of gold. Your goal is to get rich by selling goods to other merchants at sea, but the more gold you acquire in your voyages the more your “popularity” with the sea’s various denizens and inhabitants will grow. As you grow in wealth you will encounter more and more difficulties; be it by sea, storm, creature, or jealous pirates trying to rob you of your gold or straight up destroy you. You can check out the game on here.

It should also be said that with the game still being in an alpha state, none of the images shown here are necessarily the final versions.

Until next time, enjoy!


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