Game Over!

Today’s development went great! I finally added a long overdue game over state to the game, bringing it full circle as in there is now a start and an end. Until now it was basically, start the game, play until you run out of things to do/upgrade, close the game. I found that adding this small feature really makes it feel even more like a game, which I am very pleased with. This should go without saying but this doesn’t mean the game is completed, there is still a lot of content to be added and polish to be done. The changes or additions are as follows.

– added merchant’s boat health, and with it the possibility of their boat being sunk, eliminating a potential sale in the process.

-merchant boats will now take damage from lighting strikes and player fired cannon balls.

-added game over screen and a sound to accompany it.

-adjusted the brightness of lightning bolts during the night so they stand out more.

that’s it for today!

     Below you can see a screen shot of the first iteration of the game over screen showing stats for the play through.



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