Tycoon of the High Seas Development

Hello! I am excited to start sharing the development process of Tycoon of the High Seas with you all. I’m still very new at this blogging thing so bear with me as I find ways to better provide content. Yesterday saw the Alpha minor update with a few additions to the game bringing it closer to Beta You can view, download, and play the game it in its current state on itch.io here .

Tools I am using to develop this game are as follows

Engine: Gamemaker v1.4 – www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker

Graphics: photoshop CS6 – www.adobe.com/products/photoshop

Audio: Audacity and Reaper – www.audacityteam.org – www.reaper.fm

This game Started as a Ludem Dare game that I made for LD40 in a weekend, it was my first game jam and I did not do very well haha. Not only did I miss the theme which was “the more you have the worse it gets” but I didn’t even come close to finishing the game how I saw it in my original idea(which would have far better hit the theme). By the end of the 3 day game jam I had a very basic, yet working and bug free(yay!) game, but it was very lacking in features or content which made it a complete bore, in fact it hardly felt like a game at all.  So after the jam was over I decided I would finish this game and release it. After all the feedback I received from the jam itself and from outside testers after a few updates I think my vision for it has great potential. This blog will serve as a record of my development journey.

Development is going strong on a daily basis when i’m not at my normal day job, although i’m hoping that someday I won’t need a “normal” job at all. I’m starting this blog roughly a month after the game jam so there is lots of the initial one month or so period of development that will not be shown here.  So if you want to play the game to see where its at now before continuing this journey with me check it out here.

As previously mentioned the game is currently only hosted on itch.io, but the game will be released in multiple places once it is released. Its just easier for me to only update files in only one place at a time.

I push out at least one update for the game every week(usually on Friday or Saturday). I may also release stuff throughout the week as I see fit. I will change to a more strict schedule in the future when the game comes to a more finished state.

Stay tuned for more on Tycoon of the High Seas development


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