RelicTooth Studios is an independent development studio with a passion for creating games that once again brings the player back to the forefront of the games they love to play.

Look back to the days when one could purchase a game and immediately gain access to all of that games available content and features. Now compare that to today’s common practices of a game you spent upwards of 60 dollars of your hard earned money on almost always having paid DLC and additional content packs, not to mention the blatant greed of what is commonly referred to as “lootboxes”. Much of which is required to even play said game or experience it fully. All to squeeze more money out of you, the player.

We believe these practices to be extremely distasteful and outright disrespectful to you, the player on which a games success is completely dependent upon. RelicTooth Studios prides itself on creating games that players can both love and experience fully without any additional “fees” after the original purchase.

We hope to have a long future creating great games that any player can fall in love with. Please follow our Devlog  or subscribe to our mailing list to get updates on what we are doing if you are interested.

Play on, gamers.